What is .NET?
Discover the.NET platform, which powers C# applications.
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If you're learning C#, you'll come across several "dot net" terms:.NET,.NET Framework,.NET Core, dotnet, ASP.NET, and so on. Before getting into C# programming, this essay will explain these ideas and provide some context.

Formally,.NET is "a Microsoft-created open source developer platform for constructing a wide range of apps." .NET applications can be written in C#, F#, Visual C++, or Visual Basic.” Informally,.NET is the technology that allows you to create and run C# programs. With.NET, you may utilize a variety of languages, editors, and libraries to create applications for web, mobile, desktop, gaming, IoT, and other platforms.

When you download.NET, you are in fact downloading a collection of programs that:

- Convert your C# code into computer-readable instructions.

- Provide software development facilities such as tools for printing text to the screen and determining the current time.

- Define a set of data types that can help you store information in your programs more easily, such as text, numbers, and dates.

How Can I Obtain .NET?

So we know we want to work with C# and that we require.NET. How do we install the Microsoft.NET platform on our computers?

The two main ways are:

1. Visual Studio, an integrated development environment (IDE) for.NET programs, can be downloaded. It is available as an app, similar to the web browser you are using to read this article. It includes the.NET platform, a code editor, and other tools to help you develop code.

2. Install the.NET SDK (software development kit). It also includes the.NET platform, but no code editing tools. The SDK is accessed through a command-line interface (CLI) rather than an app on your computer – to use an SDK, open a terminal on your computer and input commands rather than clicking buttons. In this example, you can see a terminal where the user used commands like dotnet new and dotnet run to create a new application, which was then started (the app simply displays "Hello World!").

Is ASP.NET a Good Option?

If we want to construct web-specific programs, such as websites, we'll need to add extra tools on top of.NET. ASP.NET is one of the most popular. To distinguish them, developers refer to.NET as a platform and ASP.NET as a framework. This is all you need to know about ASP.NET to get started with C#; the intricacies will be covered in a separate post.

Why Choose .NET?

Ease of development

Developers prefer.NET because it contains many tools that make their jobs easier. For example, by using the Visual Studio suite, developers may write code faster, communicate more effectively, and test and fix their code more effectively. The ability to reuse code between implementations decreases development costs.

High-performing applications

.NET programs are faster to respond and use less computational power. They have strong built-in security mechanisms and execute server-side operations like database access efficiently.

Community support

.NET is open source, which implies that anybody can use, read, and modify it without restriction. The.NET program is maintained and improved by an active development community. The.NET Foundation is a non-profit organization founded to support the.NET community. It offers learning materials, open-source.NET projects, and a variety of events for.NET developers.


.NET is undeniably important in the software development business. The popularity of.NET in the development community is undeniable. It can be measured by the number of open source projects worldwide and the position of C# among the top five programming languages. Its popularity is expected to expand even further, particularly with the most recent version (.NET 5), which revolutionizes the industry by pioneering the notion of universal software development.

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