What is Microsoft Clarity?
So you may be wondering “What is Microsoft Clarity?” In simple words Microsoft Clarity is a user behavior and website debugging analytics tool that provide insights into how users interact with the site, distinguishing it from other analytics tools such as Google Analytics.
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Microsoft Clarity lets you examine how visitors interact with your website. It supplements Google Analytics by providing user insights via features like heatmaps and session replays. What are Clarity's distinguishing qualities, and how might they improve the user experience on your website?

Microsoft Clarity is a behavioral analytics tool that generates visual insights from user interactions. Clarity provides a number of dashboards, heatmaps, and session replays that show which portions of your site receive the most—and least—engagement. It also contains features like anger clicks and dead clicks that help you identify problems that create confusion and poor performance.

Clarity’s Features

This enhanced experience will allow you to gain a better understanding of post-click user behavior and engagement on your landing pages. It's also free and simple to use because it's powered by the existing JavaScript Universal Event Tracking (UET) tag on your website. The main dashboard of Clarity includes session metrics, traffic sources, and charts indicating customer displeasure. It also has advanced filters that allow you to search for items based on more specific criteria like cursor movements, operating systems, and resized pages.

Some Key Features

  • More powerful data: Understand the consumer journey and improve the signals recorded to make better-informed optimization decisions on your website and in your advertising efforts.
  • Clarity provides free website analytics to help you better understand post-click user behavior, the path to conversion, and engagement on your ad landing pages.
  • UET upgrading is seamless: Existing JavaScript UET tags will be modified on the back end to allow Clarity, requiring no coding effort from you. Sign up with your current Microsoft Advertising credentials.
  • Replaying user sessions allows you to better understand the customer user journey, such as the path to conversion.
  • Heat maps can help you understand interaction on your ad landing pages, such as clicks, scrolls, and movement.
  • Identify issues and analyze campaign, channel, and browser interaction. Connect Clarity with Google Analytics to save time and get more out of your data.

UX Analytics

Other analytics tools concentrate on factors like traffic, keywords, page popularity, and so forth, Microsoft Clarity focuses on the user experience to assist publishers in understanding how users interact with their website. User behavior data assists publishers in identifying areas for improvement, locating web page issues, and gaining insights into conversions, among other things.

Microsoft Clarity also includes machine learning and deep AI components in the background that generate insights automatically based on patterns generated by website user behavior. These insights are provided as ideas for additional inquiry and tracking. A publisher can use Clarity to see user engagement patterns on different areas of specific pages and to replay user sessions to learn how users interact with web pages.

Microsoft Clarity User Insight

User research, information architecture, prototyping, and testing consume numerous hours of designer time. Because they disclose which design decisions work and which don't, behavioral analytics are critical to this constant process of discovery and improvement. Microsoft Clarity, with its straightforward features and graphic simplicity, assists designers in translating complicated user behaviors into data-backed design decisions.

Microsoft Clarity is clearly not a competition to Google Analytics; rather, it complements it. As a result, it might be argued that comparing the two is inappropriate because they handle distinct problems. Clarity is a good product since it helps publishers boost conversions and sales, as well as the site visitor user experience. Clarity helps publishers detect and solve flaws in their site(s). Microsoft Clarity has no pricing plan; it is free regardless of how much traffic a site receives.

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