Copywriting: How to Improve Your Sales
If you get here to this article, you may be wondering how you can write great copywriting when you’re not a copywriter.
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The true goal of copy is to focus on what’s interesting about your offer and tell that story in a way that appeals to your reader, even if you’re not a copywriter you just need to know and focus on what you’re selling and sell it honestly. Remember that your copywriting creates a huge impact on all your marketing and advertising.

In this article, we’ll talk about some copywriting tactics that could boost your sales, engagement and skyrocket your conversions.

Define Your Audience

To create a high-converting copywriting you must meet the right person, to send the right message, in the right place, at the right time. Because no successful business has ever started a marketing campaign without understanding their target audience inside out. Make sure the segment you’re targeting are in a position to help you answer the questions you have. They have to be at the right stage of the buying cycle, for example, they need the proper pain or product awareness. Also remember to do your keyword research for your page to get better results, you’ll need to optimize it for search engines so that your target audience can quickly find it. SEO begins with keywords, so focus on those relevant to your offer and matching your target customers search intent. You can include them in a page’s title and description, headlines, product description, and image tags.

Make it Clear to Your Audience

Your copy must be as simple as possible for your readers. The easier your copy is for your readers, the longer you’ll have your attention, so they can get your important points easier. If you have to write a product description, don't include the typical list of features, you can add it later in a separate section. Please think of how they anticipate your customer’s pain points and how he or she can benefit from using your product. Write about how your product can improve a customer’s life. Combine features with benefits to make a description sound more natural.

Write Concise Copy

A concise copy uses fewer but powerful words to say more and bring benefits in a limited content. Powerful and concise copy can easily create an emotional response naturally, leading to an increase in the conversions, they are clear enough to convince a customer that your offer is worth a purchase. Did you know that online users read only about 16% of what they see on a page? This is because as users we have a lot of information to consume daily. With that in mind, your copy must be easy, concise and clear to your audience, avoid the technicality and leave it for the user manual.

One of the best copy of all times is the iPod tagline “1,000 sounds in your pocket”

Write Concise Copy

When users read stories, they forget that someone is trying to sell them something. This evokes emotions in the visitors and emotions are what influence a user behavior and decisions, not the facts and statistics about your product. This way your content becomes more engaging and persuasive. The most persuasive product descriptions include a combination between story and fact. Stories engage your reader, while facts help justify their purchase. Our brains are wired to think in stories. This is why helping a customer visualize the product in their life is the hidden gem in crafting direct response copywriting that nudges them toward a sale.

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