Companies Do not Require Degree Anymore
Remote working is a viable option for many businesses or agencies. When you have incentives to work from home, maintaining a work-life balance becomes even simpler.
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Remote working is a viable option for many businesses or agencies. When you have incentives to work from home, maintaining a work-life balance becomes even simpler.

In today’s competitive job market, companies are looking for employees who have skills that can be quickly implemented. When they see just a degree on your resume, they automatically think that the candidate will need training.
Degrees are often seen as an indication of potential competence and this is why companies cared about them to some extent in the past. But now things have changed significantly. In this article we’ll show you why companies do not care about your degree anymore.

Start to focus on acquiring as many skills as possible

The tech industry is filled with people with high education levels and advantages. As the sector expands, economists say this reinforces inequality. Ovia Health is among a number of companies identifying entry-level jobs dropping the degree requirement. The objective is to diversify their staff and gain a market advantage.

As the cost of college has spiked, experts said, it's increasingly hard for companies to justify requiring a four-year degree. Some economists agree and they say employers requiring a four-year degree increases social and racial inequality. Employers like Ovia Health in Boston are taking note and asking candidates to prove their skills through what they call competency- or project-based hiring.

In today's economy a lot of job titles and much more are not requiring a degree. Jobs like designer, programmer, marketing specialist, community manager, software engineer  and others do not require a degree anymore

“When you look at people who don’t go to school and make their way in the world, those are exceptional human beings. And we should do everything we can to find those people,” said Google's former SVP of People Operations Laszlo Bock.

Companies that do not require a degree

Google and Hilton are just two of the champion companies who realize that book smarts don't necessarily equal strong work ethic, grit and talent. Whether you have your GED and are looking for a new opportunity or charting your own path beyond the traditional four-year college route, here are some companies that have said they do not require a college diploma for some of their top jobs. Your dream role awaits!


Company rating: 4.4

Hiring For: Network Specialist, Software Engineer, Associate Contracts Manager, Revenue Lead, Head of Sales Knowledge Management, Digital Marketing Lead for Google Fiber, Hardware Engineering Intern, Business Intelligence Manager, Senior Interaction Designer, Account Strategist, Technical Program Manager & more.

Where Hiring: Mountain View, CA; Austin, TX; Indianapolis, IN; San Francisco, CA; Pryor, OK; Chicago, IL and more

What Employees Say: "There a huge diversity of work ranging from defending independent journalism worldwide (Google Project Shield) to crisis response during disasters (see Maps during Hurricane Sandy or Tsunamis), to the best machine learning experts and projects in the world, to more mundane revenue-driving projects in advertising, there's really something for everybody." — Current Software Engineer II


Company rating: 4.0

Hiring For: Sr. Developer Tools Engineer, Account Executive, Apple Specialist, Siri Site Reliability Engineer, Apple Technical Support, GIS Technician, Full Stack Engineer, Research Scientist Intern, Operations Supervisor, Demand Planner, System Software Engineer, Education Development Executive & more.

Where Hiring: Santa Clara, CA; Austin, TX; Las Vegas, NV; Charleston, SC; Chapel Hill, NC; Maiden, NC and more

What Employees Say: "The company is AMAZING. There are limitless advancement opportunities. You work with some very cool people and the leadership cares about your development. You may get coaching but you never get battered or belittled. The pay is decent and the benefits include, 401(k) match, stock purchase options, product discounts and discounts on services across many different areas, education assistance, child care assistance, paid vacation, sick time and other time off options, health club Reimbursement or bike cost set off. You get 1.5 time for OT and it's pretty much unlimited as long as you don't exceed 12 hours in a day or 59 total in a week." — Current At-Home Advisor


Company Rating: 3.7

Hiring For: CRM Data Analyst, Consumer Insights Project Manager, Business Analyst, Manager of GIS & Location Analytics, Warehouse Selector, Technical Trainer, Marketing Analytics Consultant, Pharmacist, Sr. SQA Analyst, Grocery Retail, Business Consultant, Maintenance Technician, .Net Developer, Fuel Truck Operator, Cloud Architect & more.

Where Hiring: Lakeland, FL; Atlanta, GA; Deerfield Beach, FL and more

What Employees Say: "As an associate, I really am happy to see that even the managers work right next to us and are never too busy to hear your concerns. Makes for a friendly environment to work in."— Current Employee


Company rating: 3.7

Hiring For: Data Scientist, Privacy Analyst, Technology Program Manager, Software Engineer, 2020 Interns, Digital Marketing Manager, Research Staff Member, Managing Consultant, Research Scientist, Financial Blockchain Engineer, Lead Recruiter, Contract & Negotiations Professional, Product Manager, Entry Level System Services Representative, Research Staff Member, Client Solution Executive & more.

Where Hiring: San Francisco, CA; Raleigh-Durham, NC; Austin, TX; New York, NY and more

What Employees Say: "Excellent opportunities for career advancement. Flexible working hours as long as you make your targets. People are terrific. Only the strong and motivated will survive and thrive. More training and education that you have time for. Resources are abundant if you know how to leverage them. Medical benefits are outstanding. Loved working at IBM." — Former Sales Representative.

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