The Branding Guide Checklist
Discover all the information required to produce a branding package that works. Additionally, get ideas by perusing attractive branding package examples.
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You must project the proper image to your target audience regardless of the kind of goods or service you provide. It is possible to do so with the help of a strong brand identity. To find out more about what a branding package is and what it ought to contain, continue reading.

What’s included in a branding package?

A branding package, expressed in simple words, is a collection of all the visual materials needed to construct a consistent brand identity. Many digital and print assets are frequently included in a complete branding package. Examples include letterhead, email signatures, color schemes, product packaging, and anything else you might need to establish a strong brand identity.

Branding Package Essentials

Logo Design: Any business can benefit from well-designed logos since they encourage consumers to develop strong emotional ties to their preferred brands. Your branding package should include multiple different iterations of your unique logo for the best possible outcomes. It is easier to develop a consistent brand identity across all formats when a logo is available in several variations.

Even though your main logo may look fantastic in paper, having smaller sub-marks in your branding package is beneficial. Your logo's fonts and color schemes should be the same whether you run a small firm or a giant enterprise. Customers are more likely to connect your logo variations and sub-marks with your main brand when there is a high level of consistency.

Color Palette: Include a color palette in your brand package if you want to keep your visual identity consistent. All the brand colors you use to design signs, product packaging, stationery, social media headlines, and other marketing materials are contained in a color palette. The colors you select should reflect the essence of your brand and work to evoke strong feelings in your target market.

Brand Typography: The choices you make in terms of typography considerably influence how people perceive your brand. After all, The New York Times masthead wouldn't look the same without its distinctive decorative serifs and the BT typeface by Engravers. Typography describes how your text looks as a whole.

Brand Style Guide: Consider the style guide as a detailed guideline used to establish your brand and encourage uniform communication. Once you have a basic brand identity package, you can add photographic requirements, usage instructions for logos, and information to help content writers and other staff members attain the ideal tonality while creating your marketing materials to create a style guide.

Other Social Media Packages

Social Media Graphics: Your social media accounts should use the same colors, fonts, and typography as your website and other marketing materials. Integrating social media visuals into your branding strategy is one of the finest methods to guarantee consistency. In order to make sure that anybody who views your profile links it with your brand, many of these graphics are utilized as headlines on profile pages.

Illustration System: If your business employs a number of graphic designers, you want each of them to be able to produce work that is consistent with the essence of your brand. You don't want each worker to add their own distinctive flair to the graphics created by your business. An illustration system should therefore be a part of your branding package. An illustration system is a collection of rules for producing artwork in a particular aesthetic.

Standards for the use of colors, iconography, brush weight, composition, and props are often included in this document. Giving your designers access to a thorough illustration system will enable them to create graphic pieces that perfectly reflect the tone and character of your brand.

Photography Style: People are more likely to recall content with graphics, according to Fast Company's Rachel Gillett. For businesses of all sizes, this makes high-quality photography crucial. You can achieve greater outcomes if you take the time to include photographic instructions in your branding package, regardless of whether you have an in-house photographer or want to employ a freelancer.

You could want to put rules for composition, substance, tone, and color scheme in writing. Documenting whether you want the focus of your company's images to be on people or things is also a smart idea. The more specific your branding rules are, the simpler it will be for a photographer to capture the ideal look. Your photographer will be able to plan appropriately if you establish a rule stressing candid photographs rather than posed ones, for instance.

Some Branding Examples

Self: a cryptocurrency platform created by Flueed Digital Studio that combines encrypted security layers related to your identity to build a robust and highly secure network where you can conduct your day-to-day business with confidence. We created a brand with a dual tone that inspires a sense of security and confidence in a single platform, drawing inspiration from the crypto futuristic trends. The circular logo represents the fingerprint in the S as one single element.

Options Insight

Options insight, a professional training service that offers webinars, online courses, individual one-on-one coaching sessions, live interactive trading simulations, and in-depth custom derivatives trading workshops, is another work sample from Flueed Digital Studio. This branding approach, which begins with a straightforward typographic logo, is a good illustration of how simplicity and minimalism can perfectly balance an image of confidence and elegance. A high contrast color scheme was used in the color palette to draw the audience's attention and help them remember the brand.


Boopos is a sophisticated, totally automated loan underwriting that offers business owners wishing to purchase an online operation quick, flexible, and fair financing options. They pride themselves on working closely with purchasers to identify and finance the best target firms for their particular needs. They specialize in financing SaaS and e-commerce business acquisitions.

For this project, we combined a straightforward user interface with a fiercely competitive, user experience-driven platform that provides full advisory in the acquisition process to its users. The brand strategy for Boopos focuses on a dark mode color scheme with high contrast combination that evokes a strong and confident feeling in the brand's audience.

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